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my new blog

Hi, and welcome to my new blog.

I haven't been updating my old blog/website for like two years when i decided to take it down, as it was kind of outdated and actually not useful at all.

Some friends of me, including the PHP Usergroup Dortmund allways tried to convince me to start a new blog, and I wanted to start, it was just that did not have enough time for this kind of project.

What kind of content can you expect from my blog?

I guess that most of the content will be about PHP and related topics, maybe sometimes about some linux or mac related stuff, maybe some private stuff, maybe something completly different - I don't now yet :-)

Last note

One last note at the end: I decided to use Kore Nordmann's WCV as my blogging software, as it seems to offer the features that I need in a pretty clean way. Thanks to Kore and all other contributors for this software (and their help in #wcv @ euirc).

I am using the default WCV theme with some minor modifications, as I do not like webdesigning :-)



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